About us

Air diffusion systems with micropore fabric for over 30 years

AIR MIXING ®, Fabric Air Diffusion Division of the EVOAIR group, has enjoyed a market presence for over thirty years and has consistently been at the cutting edge of the Air Diffusion Systems sector, with over 25,000 installations in all market sectors: industry, sales and services.

AIR MIXING ® designs and produces air diffusion systems with micropore fabric conceived with an innovative Air Distribution System adapted to different types of climate control, heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

The AIR MIXING ® system is the result of an ongoing process of research and technological innovation, which has allowed the company to set itself apart from the competition over time by offering more advanced technological solutions.

An Italian company

The operational headquarters of the company is the historic plant in Livorno, where the diffusion systems and assembly kits are produced, packaged and tested.

AIR MIXING ® is present in Italy with a commercial office in Milan and a network of representatives across the country. The division operates abroad with a network of exclusive distributors, serving the markets of Europe, Asia and Australia.

A client-oriented approach

Thanks to our highly specialized personnel, to the management of the entire project and production cycle of our diffusion systems, as well as our exclusive air flow and diameter sizing calculation algorithm, AIR MIXING ® is able to offer customized solutions that satisfy any climate control, heating, air conditioning or ventilation needs.

AIR MIXING ® places the Client at the center of the proposal, assisting in every phase of the relationship: customized design, personalization of the system, assembly with specialized personnel, assistance through our mobile office for on-site repairs, maintenance, and professional cleaning.