Why choose AIR MIXING ®


  • Reduce energy consumption and system costs;
  • Homogeneity of temperature, diffusion and quality of the air;
  • Extreme versatility.

Reduction of energy consumption and system costs

The AIR MIXING ® system creates significant energy consumption savings, reducing:

  • The phenomenon of heat layering;
  • The system implementation time;
  • The installed thermal inputs, thanks to zoned air distribution or diffusion similar to displacement, obtained with appropriate calibration without involving the entire room volume;
  • The airflow of the system, with a consequent reduction of the dimension of the ventilation unit and the relative installed electrical capacity, as well as the diameter of the channelling system.

Compared with traditional metal or fabric duct installations, the AIR MIXING ® system provides the following economic advantages:

  • Smaller diameters with the same airflow;
  • Reduced number of ducts per room volume to obtain the conditions of comfort;
  • Heat insulation not necessary;
  • Complex air intake circuits not necessary;
  • Setting and calibration not necessary;
  • Motorized equipment for the variable distribution of airflows not necessary;
  • Can be installed at any height;
  • Low transportation costs;
  • Easy and quick installation, delivered in the prefabricated length requested with the the accessories for installation already assembled on the diffuser;
  • 10-year guarantee

Homogeneous temperature, diffusion and quality of the air

The AIR MIXING ® permits the movement of airflows in the desired direction, surpassing any obstacles or structures present in the room and guaranteeing a homogeneous diffusion otherwise unachievable, without generating disturbing air currents.

The surrounding air is completely involved and returned to circulation in just a few minutes, permitting a broad homogeneity of the temperature, both horizontally and vertically.

The high blend capacity, the continuous air convection induced on the external surface of the AIR MIXING ® diffuser and its limited contact time, prevent the room air to cool over the dew point and form condensation.

Extreme Versatility

The various materials, forms and colors available and the use of fire-retardant materials enable the AIR MIXING ® diffusers to be installed in any environment, both civil and industrial.

Thanks to an exclusive dimensioning program, the diameters are optimized as a function of the airflow, the installation height and the necessary static pressure available for the distribution of air.

The AIR MIXING ® diffusers can be installed without special measures up to a height of 15 meters, controlling the temperature of the air supply even above 20 meters.