AIR MIXING ® Technology

Maximum levels of comfort in any environment

Close attention to comfortable environmental conditions is of fundamental importance for the well-being of the people who live or frequent certain environments.
Temperature, relative humidity and the air circulation speed, together with noise level and brightness make up the factors that most strongly influence the level of comfort.

AIR MIXING ® has patented an innovative solution for the distribution of air, designed to surpass the technical limitations of traditional systems, with or without ducts, and obtain the maximum level of comfort, approaching as closely as possible the ideal conditions for environmental well-being.

The AIR MIXING ® System is utilized in climate control, heating, air conditioning and ventilation installations.
Its versatility, with various available models, materials and colors as well as the use of fire-retardant materials, enables the installation in any type of environment, both civil and industrial.

Research and technological innovation.

The functions of the AIR MIXING ® system are based on the physics of induction: discharged air, exiting a nozzle, creates an area of depression around it, which requires a much higher volume of intake air. Taking advantage of this principle, it is possible to move large amounts of air in the desired direction by means of continuous air flow. the AIR MIXING ® system applies this principle to a series of calibrated vents, realized with a particular diffuser made with non-flammable flexible material that is non-porous to air.

The design of the air streams, created based on the characteristics of the specific system by means of a proven mathematical model, allows for the determination of the correct airflow speed, the dimension of the air stream and the path of the air necessary to satisfy the exact conditions of comfort desired.

In 1994, the AIR MIXING ® shaped hole received a patent, which allows for an optimization of performance with variable air flows. The opening, sensitive to the variation of the operating temperature range, has a molded form, composed of the circumference of the opening and of the cut perpendicular to the circumference, suitably dimensioned to obtain a cone-shaped form elevated from the surface of the diffuser.

Thanks to the cone-shaped form, the area through which the air passes deforms with changes in pressure, depending on the change of the supply airflow rate, maintaining a nearly constant rate of discharged airflow from the opening in various operating conditions.

Homogenous temperature, diffusion and quality of the air.

The calculation system for the AIR MIXING ® drilling consists of satisfying the conditions of airflow speed and uniformity of temperature at a distance from the diffuser determined according to the specific application by the regulation UNI 10339.

Value of the airflow speed ± 10 %
Uniformity of temperature ± 0.5 °C

The AIR MIXING ® system allows for the management of airflow in the desired direction, guaranteeing a homogeneous diffusion otherwise unachievable.

The surrounding air is completely included and returned to circulation in just a few minutes, permitting a broad homogeneity of the temperature, both horizontally and vertically.

The proper calculation of the dimension of the openings allows for the right speed of delivery and the correct dimension of the jet to be obtained for the necessary path in order to reach human height with a low airflow speed, in order to guarantee the highest level of comfort without generating air currents.

Customized solutions for every specific need.

The AIR MIXING ® system is not only a more convenient and efficient channeling system, but also an innovative air distribution solution, carefully conceived to obtain the maximum levels of comfort in any environment.

The AIR MIXING ® system is tailor-made for every specific need and is dimensioned as a function of the characteristics of the individual application in order to obtain the exact comfort conditions required.

Thanks to an exclusive sizing program, the diameters are optimized according to the air flow rate, the height of laying and of the static pressure provided to the air distribution. This obtains diffusers with diameters significantly lower than conventional duct of sheet metal type or plastic flexible type.

The patented opening allows for the distribution of air with variable temperatures or airflows, uniquely taking advantage of the pressure characteristics of the same systems. As a result, it is not necessary to utilize costly electrical or mechanical equipment, nor calibrate, set up or perform expensive maintenance on the system.

The AIR MIXING ® diffusers can be installed without special measures up to a height of 15 meters, controlling the temperature of the air supply even above 20 meters.