Customized solutions for every specific need

The high induction AIR MIXING ® diffusers are developed using technical fabric that is non-porous, fire-retardant and does not age with use. They are perfected products, utilizing prime materials with the engagement of specialized personnel.

They are available in three different Materials: the Noto, Zefiro and Boreo product lines. For Special Applications, the Diffusers can undergo antibacterial and antistatic treatment or be produced with porous technical material.

For an easy adaptation of the AIR MIXING ® system to any environment, the diffusers can be realized in different Shapes: Circular, Semicircular and Quarter-circular.
On request, the circular form can be packed with two or three anchor points.

AIR MIXING ® additionally offers a series of Accessories to complete the system and resolve any functional or installation issues: Track Suspension Systems, Cable Suspension Systems, RingKIT, ThermoKIT, PhonoKIT and Calibration Clothes.

AIR MIXING ® forometric design technology, customized for every diffuser, allows you to meet the right conditions for proper environmental comfort.

The offer includes:

  • Customized planning and dimensioning to guarantee the performance requested
  • The diffuser packaged in the form and dimensions requested
  • Fastening system
  • Suspension system

To correctly start the AIR MIXING ® system the first time, the tubing should be pressurized gradually. Therefore a Timed Release System is recommended to allow the gradual emission of air into the diffusers.

On request, we provide a kit consisting of an opposed blades damper, complete with an electric 24 V ON/OFF control system that opens in 120 seconds, functioning in parallel with the ventilators of the air treatment unit (whether a central air supply, a heat generator, etc.) The kit comes in any dimension and, on request, can be accompanied with an electrical control panel for a maximum of 4 actuators.