The Sound Insulating PhonoKIT guarantees the AIR MIXING ® diffuser a high level of acoustic absorption, reducing sound reverberations typically caused by the ventilation unit and spread by the rigid and metallic ducts to a minimum.
It is ideal for environments with a need for high levels of acoustic comfort.

PhonoKIT is available for all forms, fabrics, diameters and lengths requested and is delivered pre-installed. It is easily removeable for cleaning and maintenance, thanks to a zipper running lengthwise.

The application of the PhonoKIT achieves a comprehensive thickness of 15-30 mm. The sound insulation is evaluated according to the directive ASTM E1050.

For each diffuser the kit includes:

  • Expanded melamine plastic insulation
  • Double covering of any fabric in our range
  • Lengthwise zipper for application
  • Internal velcro for fastening