The Thermal Insulation Kit ThermoKIT provides the AIR MIXING ® diffuser with an elevated level of thermal resistance, reducing to a minimum the thermal dispersion between the primary air inside the diffuser and the outside air. It can also be used in conditioned environments, or in the case of simply transporting air.

ThermoKIT is available for all forms, fabrics, diameters and lengths requested and is delivered pre-installed. It is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance, thanks to a zipper running lengthwise.

ThermoKIT has a comprehensive thickness of 15-30 mm, with a thermal transmittance of 0.36 W/m2K.

For each diffuser the thermal insulation kit includes:

  • High-density polyester fabric insulation
  • Double covering of any fabric in our range
  • Lengthwise zipper for application
  • Internal velcro for fastening
Thermal insulation kit for AIR MIXING air diffusers