Track Suspension Systems

The installation kit with track is recommended for complex air diffusion systems with multiple curves and T-joints, so that the track follows and adapts to the path of the diffusers.
It is also preferable in all applications that require a high level of aesthetic performance.
It is also an earthquake safe solution.

For each diffuser the installation kit with track includes:

  • 3 meter rods of aluminum profiles in the number necessary for the length of the tubing
  • connecting plates of adequate dimension and number
  • U bolts hooking

For Air Diffusers with multiple anchor points, both Circular and Semicircular, the assembly kit is provided in the number corresponding to the anchor points.

track suspension installation kit for ceiling air diffusers AIR MIXING

The installation kit with track is available in three varieties:

1. with aluminum profile track in which the diffuser is inserted.

2. with aluminum profile track and galvanized steel ball bearing trolley, assembled directly on the diffuser with rivets.

3. with aluminum profile track and detachable nylon ball bearing trolley. The ball bearing trolley is not assembled directly to the diffuser, rather it is fastened with carabiner hooks and therefore detachable.

The track kit can be hooked to the ceiling with galvanized or stainless steel suspension cables with self-locking ratchets or chains.

Catenelle di Pendinaggio per Kit montaggio Binario per Diffusori aria AIR MIXING

In all applications, such as restaurants, bars, or shops, in which a reduced footprint and high level of aesthetic performance is required, the tracks can be mounted directly to ceilings, false ceilings or rafters, utilizing special mounting plates provided with the tracks.

Piastre di Fissaggio per Kit montaggio Binario per Canali aria AIR MIXINGPiastre di Fissaggio per Kit montaggio Binario per Diffusori aria AIR MIXING

Dust Seal

For all applications in which hygiene and cleaning are indispensable, such as food and beverage or pharmaceutical production, the Dust Seals prevent the depositing of dust or dirt in the slots of the track provided in the AIR MIXING ® air diffuser kit.
They also prevent any type of insect or microorganism from infiltrating and proliferating inside the track.